Sunday, August 23, 2015

Greek National Football Museum - Μουσείο Εθνικής Ελλάδας Ποδοσφαίρου

I started this blog some years ago but never really got into it as I do not call myself a writer.  I prefer photos to remember places I've seen and visited that have moved me in one way or another.  So here I go again and let's see how it goes.

Visited the Greek National Football Museum during my visit to Chania, Crete this summer and yes it is definitely worth the visit whether football fan or not.

An absolutely lovely and helpful lady greeted us and expressed how concerned she was that this museum is not very well known.  I had myself seen it mentioned on TV one day when it first opened about three years ago but to be honest I had completely forgotten about it until I saw it noted in tripadvisor.  So thank you tripadvisor for reminding me.

So much memorabilia stuffed into two rooms.  Euro 2004 fans will have a ball here.

Original jerseys signed by the players,

Jersey of Damanakis - 1980


Top - original tickets from Euro 2004

and even a bit of grass from the field of Estadio da Luz, Lisbon (Stadium of the Light) where the final of Euro 2004 took place.

Grass from field where final of Euro 2004 was played top right

The European Cup a replica of course but correct size and weight (and so heavy!).

So next time in Chania, Crete don't forget to drop by Tsouderon 40, Chania Town, Crete 73132, Greece. Street behind the Agora.

Antonis Nikopolidis original jersey from Euro 2004, Russia 2 - Greece 1 (remember watching this on TV on ship)

Original Cristiano Ronaldo's jersey from final of Euro 2004

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